Our Approach

Bloom Pilates LLC, in Portland, Oregon, offers classical Pilates to individuals or pairs in a beautiful, private setting. Pilates strengthens your body to support the activities you love. It offers you balance and flexibility. And it improves daily demands on your body such as lifting, desk work, and technology use.

At Bloom you’ll feel stronger, more balanced and more flexible. And in keeping with Joseph Pilates’ philosophy, Bloom Pilates seeks to provide movement that connects your mind and body.

Classes & Schedule

Private & Duet Classes

Students who take private or duet classes will experience a variety of exercises on all of the Pilates equipment — Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Ladder Barrel. 

Privates and duets are 55 minutes in length.

Benefits of Privates and Duets

  • Receive personalized attention to address specific challenges and injuries
  • Increase core, shoulder and pelvis stability
  • Develop better balance
  • Experience a diverse range of exercises and movements on different apparatus
  • Enhance joint health and mobility
  • Improve alignment
  • Connect the mind and body for greater body awareness
  • Reduce stress



  • Single: $60
  • Package of 5: $280 
  • Package of 10: $550
  • Special introductory package of 3 classes for new students: $150 (Portland residents only, please) 


Bring a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker and save.

  • Single duet: $38 each
  • Package of 10: $357 each 
  • Package of 5: $185
  • Special introductory package of 3 classes for new students: $100 each 


Private and duet classes are available at the studio by appointment only Monday-Friday 8a-6p.

In-home Pilates classes designed around the Pilates fundamentals and mat repertoire are also available for individuals, duets and groups. Email us to discuss details. 


Purchase Classes



Call us at 503-962-0263 or email us to schedule your first private or duet class.

Bloom Pilates accepts cash, check, and credit card at the studio. You can also pay online at our Square Market store.


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About Bloom Pilates

Bloom Pilates LLC, a classical Pilates studio in NW Portland, offers an accessible and healthful alternative to traditional exercise and fitness environments.

Bloom Pilates is owned and operated by Jodi Heintz.

Jodi spent more than 15 years empowering women and girls and helping underserved communities while working in the nonprofit sector.  She is passionate about community and giving people the tools and resources they need to lead stronger, safer and happier lives.

She took her first Pilates class in 2005 and was hooked. Years of running and stationary bike exercise had compromised her knees and shoulders and she yearned to find an alternative wellness path. Pilates was the first movement system that left her feeling strong, energetic and pain free.

In her early 40s, an autoimmune disease diagnosis sent her on a deeper quest for wellness and certification training in Pilates.

Jodi is now channeling her vision for empowered communities into her own wellness studio, Bloom Pilates. The programs are designed to nurture and strengthen the mind, body and spirit in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for Pilates?

Every individual’s body is unique and has its own strengths and unique challenges.

Whether you rarely exercise or are a committed fitness practitioner, Pilates is designed for every individual so there is no time like the present to get started.

Simply come to the practice of Pilates with an open mind and a willingness to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

What do I wear?

Ultimately, you should wear clothing that makes you comfortable and will not restrict a full range of motion.

Having said that, Pilates movement is dependent on proper alignment of the spine, pelvis, hips, knees, and shoulders. Bloom encourages you to wear clothing that allows you and the teacher to watch what is happening in your body during movement.

Pilates is generally done barefoot but socks or Pilates footies or toe socks may be worn. All Pilates apparatus is thoroughly wiped down after each session.

Two important suggestions for a comfortable work out:

1. Consider tops that are longer or pants with a suitable waist band for coverage during deep bends.

2. If you like wearing shorts, we suggest they are lined to ensure coverage during movements where you are lying down.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and lotions. They are very difficult to remove from the equipment.



8 Rules to Know Before You Take a Pilates Class



Pilates benefits every individual—no matter the state of their current health and wellness. It is an effective movement system that improves other wellness activities you do such as cycling, running, golf, tennis, and yoga, as well daily routines such as sitting at a desk or standing on your feet for long periods.

Pilates addresses health goals and concerns such as:

Coordination and balance
Strength training
Back pain
Joint pain
Digestive ailments
Osteoporosis prevention and alleviation of symptoms
Scoliosis prevention in youths and alleviation of symptoms in adults
Post-partum recovery of the pelvic floor and abdominals
Stress and depression
Improved movement and posture
Improved athletic performance




Our cancellation policy is at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you cancel after that, you are subject to the full session fee.


Bloom works hard to ensure every student is satisfied with her/his studio experience. We welcome feedback from our clients at any point — be it your first session or your 30th. We offer a discounted introductory class and introductory package to help you understand what to expect at Bloom Pilates, LLC.

As such, we do not offer refunds.



Location & Contact

Bloom Pilates is located at:
1911 NW 26th Ave.

Portland, OR, 97210

Call us: 503-962-0263
Email us: bloompilatespdx@gmail.com

Driving to Bloom Pilates
Street parking is available.

Biking to Bloom Pilates
A bicycle rack is located right outside the studio.

Getting to Bloom Pilates by bus
The studio is conveniently located within 1-2 blocks of the #15 and #77 bus lines.